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Water Dispenser

Automatic Water Dispenser pump for water cans / bubble tops / water bottles with 55mm cap. Portable, compact, strong body. Ergonomically made

Water Dispenser works on built in Rechargeable Battery. Once charged fully can continuously discharge water for 1.5 hours without any need for power. It can be taken along anywhere for water dispensing. Use it Indoor or Outdoor

No Installation, no remodeling, no need to drill holes and no need to erect stands. Easy to fix and instant usage provides convenience to dispense water anytime and anywhere.

Our Water Dispenser is suitable for Home, Office, School, Factory, Hospital where water dispensing is done directly through can/bottle/bubble top or use it to fill any vessel. Can be used with Bisleri, Aquafina, Kinley

(Optional)-Extra long 6 feet micro USB charging cable. Can be charged with any powerbank or USB mobile charger. No need to lift heavy cans anymore. For senior citizen, children and women of all ages



  • Working Voltage :12 Volt 60mA(Built In)
  • Charging Time : Two Hours
  • Flow Rate : 45 Second Per Leter